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'BEING RIPPED APART' Trump doubles down on Confederate monuments

BREAK IN THE CASE? Holloway's dad says he has found remains in Aruba

'TERROR ATTACK' IN BARCELONA At least 13 dead, bodies in the street after van strikes crowd at tourist plaza

NOT WITH HER? Clinton's book release has Dems worried, irritated

HOLY MANURE! Border Patrol car doused in immigration dispute

Trump slams two GOP senators who criticized him on Charlottesville - Charlottesville and a 'new generation of white supremacists' - White nationalist Richard Spencer threatens to sue University of Florida

Transgender sign outside Illinois store defended as 'satire'

As US close to victory vs. ISIS in Syria, Al Qaeda takes territorial control

Late Tejano star Selena's brother jailed for child support

Taylor Swift makes donation to Mariska Hargitay's foundation that helps sexual assault victims

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Barcelona: Van rams crowds in Ramblas tourist area
One person dies and 32 are injured after a van mows down people in the famous Las Ramblas district.

Trump defends ‘beautiful’ Civil War statues
The president says history and culture is "being ripped apart" by the removal of Confederate statues.

Indian rape victim, 10, gives birth by Caesarean section
The rape victim, who was not allowed to have an abortion by the Supreme Court, delivers a baby girl.

Yazidi boy reunited with family after being rescued from IS
Emad Mishko Tamo, 12, was separated from his family after being captured by IS in 2014.

North Korea crisis: War would be horrific, US general says
A top US general gives a bleak assessment of a military response but says it remains a possibility.

Barcelona: Panic as people use shop as escape route
Footage captures the moment people took cover after a van ploughed into crowds in Barcelona.

US woman confronts her neighbour over Nazi flag
Page Blaswell couldn't believe her eyes when she drove past a home flying a Nazi flag in North Carolina.

South Africa borders on 'red alert' for Grace Mugabe
Police are instructed to stop Zimbabwe's first lady, accused of assault, from leaving South Africa.

Emma Stone is 2017's best paid actress making $26m (£20m), according to Forbes
La La Land star Emma Stone makes more than any other actress in the past year, according to Forbes.

Saudi border to open for Qatari pilgrims attending Hajj
The move comes after the first high-level meeting between the two neighbours since ties were cut.

Several killed or wounded in Barcelona vehicle attack
Police say several people have been injured after van plowed into dozens of people in the Las Ramblas area of Barcelona.

Two armed men entrenched in Barcelona bar after van crash - Spanish media
Spanish media say two armed men entrenched themselves in a bar in Barcelona after a van crashed into pedestrians. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

Breakingviews TV: Trump diatribe fallout
Antony Currie and Gina Chon discuss whether Gary Cohn should quit as the White House’s senior economic adviser after the president’s obnoxious Charlottesville remarks.

'Massive crash' as van strikes dozens in Barcelona
Police say several people have been injured after van plowed into dozens of people in the Las Ramblas area of Barcelona.

Malala Yousafzai lands a place at Oxford University
Education rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai tweets her delight and being given a place at Oxford University. David Doyle reports.

Portugal, Ireland woes dominate EU summit
BRUSSELS -- Just on the day EU leaders were hoping to present the final version of their plan to solve the region's debt crisis, their summit in Brussels was overwhelmed Thursday by debate over Portugal's political crisis and Ireland's banking woes.

Moody's downgrades ratings of Spanish banks
MADRID -- Moody's downgraded the debt of 30 Spanish banks Thursday but left untouched the ratings of the country's three largest banks, highlighting the weaknesses in Spain's financial system a day after the government in neighboring Portugal fell.

Markets brush off Portuguese bailout concerns
LONDON -- Markets on Thursday brushed aside mounting speculation that Portugal would soon be tapping a European bailout fund amid hopes that the continent's debt crisis may be about to claim its final scalp - for now.

Japan disaster reminds businesses about insurance
NEW YORK -- It might be inconceivable to small business owners that a disaster hundreds or thousands of miles away could shut them down. But the earthquake and tsunami in Japan have interrupted shipments of parts and finished goods to companies in the U.S., and sent many of them to call their...

Irish economy shrinks for 3rd straight year
DUBLIN -- Ireland's economy shrank in 2010 for the third straight year and the yields on Irish bonds rose to euro-era highs Thursday amid fears that the cost of rescuing the country's failed banks will overwhelm its finances even with the international bailout.

Quote of the Day

Ambrose Bierce
I is the first letter of the alphabet, the first word of the language, the first thought of the mind, the first object of affection. Discuss

Francis Bacon
By indignities men come to dignities.

Jonathan Swift
Nothing is so hard for those who abound in riches as to conceive how others can be in want.

This Day in History

Miles Davis's Kind of Blue Is Released (1959)
Recorded in just two sessions in the spring of 1959, Miles Davis's Kind of Blue is widely considered to be one of the most important jazz albums ever produced. Davis assembled a group of talented musicians—including saxophonist John Coltrane and pianist Bill Evans—and gave them minimal instructions before recording. Possibly the best-selling jazz album of all time, Kind of Blue is notable for having left out something considered to be the backbone of earlier jazz composition—what? Discuss

First Issue of Sports Illustrated Is Published (1954)
The first issue of Sports Illustrated—featuring Milwaukee Braves star Eddie Mathews at bat—was published in 1954. The brainchild of Henry Luce, the founder of Time magazine, it became one of the most influential sports magazines in America. Though Sports Illustrated originally covered a wide range of sports, including hunting and yachting, today it focuses on major sports, such as football and baseball. When was the annual swimsuit issue first published?

King Macbeth Is Killed (1057)
Macbeth was originally a governor and military commander under Scottish King Duncan I, whose ancestors had seized power from the ancestors of Macbeth's wife. Macbeth ascended to the throne by killing Duncan in battle in 1040 and ruled Scotland for the next 18 years. In 1057, Macbeth was mortally wounded at the Battle of Lumphanan by Duncan's son Malcolm. Malcolm was crowned king the following year. Is Shakespeare's famous tragedy about Macbeth historically accurate?

Word of the Day

Definition: (adjective) Of or relating to the laity. Synonyms: lay, secular. Usage: He was a laic leader, but many of his followers believed him to be a prophet. Discuss

Definition: (noun) Accumulated facts, traditions, or beliefs about a particular subject. Synonyms: traditional knowledge. Usage: He had taught the children something of the forest lore that he had himself learned from Tiger Lily and Tinker Bell, and knew that in their dire hour they were not likely to forget it.

Definition: (adjective) Marked by excessive confidence. Synonyms: overconfident, positive. Usage: He was arrogant and cocksure but also sensitive and understanding, and I loved him dearly.

Researchers try to understand naked mole rats' resistance to cancer
With their pinkish, translucent and wrinkly skin, double-saber buck teeth and black-bead eyes, naked mole rats look like characters in a nightmare from hell. In fact, they do live underground in pitch-dark burrows where their air, from a human point of view, can contain chokingly little oxygen, t...

Doctors try new models to push health insurers aside
Just about everyone agrees that the way we pay for primary care needs fixing. Under the current insurance model, doctors get paid for procedures and tests rather than for time spent with patients, which displeases doctors and patients alike and increases costs. Now some medical practices are side...

Medigap supplemental coverage can be too pricey for younger Medicare beneficiaries
One night three years ago, Joe Hobson finished reading a book, went to sleep and woke up blind. The problem, caused by a rare hereditary disease, forced him to give up his 20-year communications job, along with its generous health insurance. Now 63, the Arlington man is covered by Medicare, the f...

Breathless, but not from asthma

Fish and seafood recipe recommendations
Jennifer LaRue Huget offers some suggestions

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This Closet Decluttering Trick Is So Simple, Youll Wonder How You Never Thought of It Before
Keeping your clothes closet clutter free can be challenging. Tucked between the tops and tees you wear are the suits, sweaters, and skirts you don't....

9 Things to Know Before You Self-Clean Your Oven
Some homeowners aren't sure when to use the self-cleaning feature on their ovens or how frequently. Joann Green owns Automatic Appliance Service Inc. in...

14 Dorm Room Essentials You Didnt Know You Needed, But You Totally Do
Dorm room shopping is tricky. Freshmen typically buy a bunch of things they'll never actually use, and returning college students are bound to leave a thing or two off the list. We've got you covered, though.

15 Things Under $20 That Will Radically Improve Your Life—Seriously
Peel an avocado painlessly, erase zits overnight, and Never. Drop. Your. Phone. Again.

13 Ridiculous Home Improvement Fails That Will Make You Cringe
Everyone loves saving money, but not all DIY projects are a savings in the end, as these homeowners found out the hard way.

John Cleese honored at Sarajevo Film Festival
British actor John Cleese receives honorary career award at Sarajevo Film Festival. Rough Cut - no reporter narration

Director urges Trump to see 'Detroit' post-Charlottesville
Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow encourages US President Donald Trump to see her new racially charged film "Detroit" after his comments on Charlottesville. Rollo Ross reports.

Filming of next 'Mission: Impossible' on hiatus after Cruise breaks ankle
Tom Cruise breaks his ankle on the set of "Mission: Impossible 6," causing production to go on hiatus. Bob Mezan reports.

Emma Stone tops Forbes' highest-paid actress list
Best Actress Oscar winner Emma Stone takes the top place of Forbes' highest paid actress list ahead of Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence. Rollo Ross reports.

Chimpanzees can understand rock paper scissors
Chimpanzees can understand rock paper scissors, Japanese primatologists show. Rough Cut - no reporter narration

New to Ancestry: Criminal and Prison Records from Chester County, Pennsylvania
Does your family tree have roots in colonial Pennsylvania? If it does, you may want to check out an index of Chester County criminal and prison records that Ancestry recently acquired. The collection includes five databases of records that have long been available on Chester County’s website. Some records date back to 1681, one year Read More

6 Tips for a Successful Family History Road Trip
As summer winds down, many of us will be hitting the road for one last trip. For some, the family vacation will also include some family history research. Here are some tips to help you make the most of it. Get Out There and Mingle August is prime time for county fairs and local festivals. Read More

When Is It Time to Hire a Professional Genealogist?
Ever stared at a car’s underbelly and had belated second thoughts about your decision to change the oil yourself? Or have you found yourself buried in complex financial documents on April 14, desperate to meet the impending tax deadline? Maybe you asked, “Why didn’t I just hire a professional to do this?” It can be Read More

The Hochstetler Massacre
When talking about family history, my mom would sometimes tell me the story of an Indian massacre. A distant ancestor of ours had been murdered by a neighboring Indian tribe. She couldn’t remember many details, and I’d always assumed her story was a myth. But while tracing a branch of my family tree back to Read More

Want to Star in an Ancestry Commercial?
Have your AncestryDNA results inspired you to travel somewhere new or achieve something great? Tell us about it! Nothing speaks to the power of Ancestry better than our very own customers. Were currently in search of the most compelling and unique customer stories to feature in a future Ancestry commercial. Visit our entry pages to submit a Read More

Long-lost ring reemerges...on a carrot
Eighty-four year-old Mary Grams has been reunited with her long-lost engagement ring which, earlier this week, was found wrapped around a carrot in her Alberta, Canada vegetable patch. Jillian Kitchener reports.

London's female wrestling scene boosted by Netflix show 'Glow'
There has been more interest in female wrestling and a clearer sense of what it involves since hit Netlfix show 'Glow' came out. Rough cut (no reporter narration)

Woman finds long-lost engagement ring on garden's carrot
A woman finds her engagement ring on a carrot after losing it while gardening 13 years ago. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

Cheetos-themed restaurant opens for three days in NYC
"Cheetos make everyone happy," says celebrity chef Anne Burrell, who created the 11-item menu for The Spotted Cheetah. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Feline fans celebrate all things kitty at CatCon
Thousands of cat enthusiasts gathered on Sunday (August 13) for the third annual CatCon convention, a celebration of all things feline. Edward Baran reports.

Bladerunners: UK lawnmowers in 12-hour endurance race
Drivers donned their suits and climbed into their cockpits at the weekend for a 12-hour endurance race with a difference: they weren't driving rallying cars, but lawnmowers. Edward Baran reports.

More than 100 Pikachus parade in Japan as fans cheer on
Pokemon Go fans watch Pikachu parade in Japanese city. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Oregon coastal city ready to be first in welcoming the eclipse
Residents of Depoe Bay, Oregon, are gearing up to be the first U.S. city see the upcoming Great American Eclipse. Nathan Frandino reports.

Revellers enjoy brass band festival in Guca, Serbia
The 57h Guca Brass Band Festival, Serbia's liveliest traditional music event, has attracted tens of thousands of people crowding the streets and savouring the trumpet beat. Rough cut (no reporter narration)

Mongolians protest as bulldozers threaten Beatles monument
A statue of the Beatles in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar could be at risk amid an alleged land grab, protesters say, as rapid development turns a city once famed for wide open spaces into a cluttered metropolis. Grace Lee reports.

Tired of daily commute, German man swims to work
Benjamin David swims across River Isar every day in order to avoid the congested streets of Munich.

Inflatable Trump chicken spotted outside White House
An inflatable chicken with Trump-like hair was spotted outside the White House on Wednesday. Activist Taran Singh Brar says its a visual statement showing that President Trump is too afraid to release his tax returns, stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin and is playing a 'game of Chicken' with North Korea. Colette Luke reports.

Cuban graffiti artists go up the walls in Havana
As Cuba is opening up, young graffiti artists climb up the walls of Havana to express their thoughts and feelings. Elly Park reports.

Tensions rise in dispute over Kenya election results
Kenyans took to the streets of the capital in protest over Tuesday's presidential election result which the opposition party claimed was rigged. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

Orangutan with sign language skills dies at Atlanta zoo
Zoo officials say Chantek, a male orangutan who was among the first apes to learn sign language, could clean his room and memorized the way to a fast-food restaurant, has died. Jillian Kitchener reports.

Orangutan with sign language skills dies at Atlanta zoo
Zoo officials say Chantek, a male orangutan who was among the first apes to learn sign language, could clean his room and memorized the way to a fast-food restaurant, has died. Jillian Kitchener reports.

London's underground mail rail re-opens after 14 years
A never seen before underground mail network is set to open to public in London, 14 years after it closed down. Rosanna Philpott reports.

German artists seek to build the world's tallest sandcastle
Will their second attempt be successful? Angela Moore reports.

Elephants parade through Sri Lanka streets in annual festival
Thousands gather in Sri Lanka's ancient capital Kandy to watch a colourful annual procession of elephants and dancers during the Esala Perahera festival. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

Giant panda at Dutch zoo celebrates fourth birthday
Xing Ya celebrates his fourth birthday alongside fellow panda Wu Wen at Dutch zoo. Rough cut (no reporter narration)

Full moon rises over Greece's ancient temple, as partial lunar eclipse occurs
Athens experiences a partial lunar eclipse, viewed by crowds at the city's Poseidon Temple. Rough cut (no reporter narration)

Brazilian bikini babes in cheeky line-up to find best bottom
Brazilian women bear it all for a competition to find the nation's 'best backside'. No reporter narration.

Sleeping in a dog cage, Pattinson pares down for 'Good Time' thriller
A-list actor Robert Pattinson uses a dog cage to take a nap on set of his latest movie. Ben Gruber reports.

Argentines march for faith, food and fair jobs
On the day of the country's patron saint Cajetan, Argentines demand approval of bill to combat hunger. Elly Park reports.

Russian cheesemakers celebrate Western sanctions
The number of farmers who produce cheese in Russia has grown significantly since Moscow introduced import bans against a number of countries as a response to Western sanctions.