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March 15, 2017

Cedar Vale and area folks-Helping Others


Cedar Vale and area folks....
By 'Home is where the heart is...' ©SBDS2017
March 13, 2017
Photo Credits: ©Chelsea Alcorn and ©Amy Potter

These area ranch families, Lance and Chelsea Alcorn, Chris and Amy Potter, and Russell and Chelsea Powell saw a need and decided to help those affected by the fires this week in Ashland/Meade, KS area. What started with them grew into something greater as donations began pouring in. As word spread, people began donating items. From baked goods, to clothes and money, along with food, feed for cattle, milk replacer, horses, tack, fence supplies, saddles, plus many working hands. They set out Monday afternoon and headed west with loaded trailers to help out those who have suffered great losses and to give them a helping hand.

We thanked them and told them what a wonderful thing they were doing, but as is typical of ranch and farm families and rural folks, they are also quite humble about what they are doing---"It was seriously amazing to see all the generous donations from everyone. All we did was build the bridge to get from Cedar Vale to Meade. Nothing too special." ~Chelsea Alcorn

As one person so aptly stated 'ranchers and farmers are the most humble people I know'. We couldn't agree more and we would further expand this to all in this rural area as they are some of the most giving people we know when others are in need.

We wholeheartedly agree with Amy Potter that "Rural America is amazing".


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