Just a small town gal and that is all I'll ever be,
where life is just another iced sweet tea away,
where you can see the twinkling stars at night,
the wonders of the moon,
and puffy white clouds floating across the blue sky.
Welcome to my blog from the heartland, full of random musings, observations, reflections, things I love, events in my life, humor..
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Diamonds N' Spurs
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July 3, 2016

Independence Day July 4th

Independence Day July 4th
July 3, 2016

By 'Home is where the heart is' ©SBDS2016 All Rights Reserved

"Memories.......Independence Day July 4th.......family gatherings ...... Lawn chairs lined up and blankets spread out on the grass in my grandparents yard ...remembering the real reason for celebrating Independence Day......making home made ice cream.... Watermelon....cousins playing.......twirling sparklers, writing our names in the air...catching fireflies in a jar.....anticipation as Dad and my Uncles prepared the fireworks display... Finally the sky is illuminated with flakes of many colored stars....roman candles pop out fiery red balls...spiral colors shoot upward...the sky is lit up with bouquets of multicolored bursts of flames...cascading slowly downward and drifting out of sight ...a grand display...a sparkling good time..."

"In childhood the daylight always fails too soon—except when there are going to be fireworks; and then the sun dawdles intolerably on the threshold like a tedious guest." ~Jan Struther, Mrs. Miniver, 1930


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