Just a small town gal and that is all I'll ever be,
where life is just another iced sweet tea away,
where you can see the twinkling stars at night,
the wonders of the moon,
and puffy white clouds floating across the blue sky.
Welcome to my blog from the heartland, full of random musings, observations, reflections, things I love, events in my life, humor..
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Diamonds N' Spurs
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November 23, 2014

Look For Rainbows

Look For Rainbows...
November 23, 2014
Home is where the heart is...
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"It isn't what life hands us to deal with
It is how we react to it.............
One can choose to only see the bad
Or one can find the good even when it seems that there is none.
If you look for the bad you will surely find it
If you can see further than the moment, you will find the good
Only you can control how you deal with life and it's many ups and downs
Happiness lies within ourselves
Always looking at the bad
Or the poor me or why me attitude
Steals the happy right out of you
And is a moment lost forever in time
That one could be smiling and happy
'So when it rains, look for rainbows
When it is dark, look for the stars'..
Find the good in any moment and put a smile on your face
Might be surprised at how life changes for the better"....


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