Just a small town gal and that is all I'll ever be,
where life is just another iced sweet tea away,
where you can see the twinkling stars at night,
the wonders of the moon,
and puffy white clouds floating across the blue sky.
Welcome to my blog from the heartland, full of random musings, observations, reflections, things I love, events in my life, humor..
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Diamonds N' Spurs
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May 1, 2017

Out and About

Out and about--
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April 28,2017
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As we were leaving the local cafe after enjoying breakfast night Thursday evening, a friend asked if I had seen his latest addition. Said, 'nope haven't. Well, hold on. Guess better find out what it is first. Maybe I have seen it.' No, I had not seen the Watusi cow that he had recently bought.

Before heading home we decided to drive by to see it. The saying that have heard quite frequently over the years-- 'this is a pain in the Watusi' comes to mind. Wow! Now, I know where the origin of the saying came from. Not really. Don't know the origin. However, those horns are quite imposing and stately. Land sakes, definitely would not want to be in a position to find out how grand they might be. He also had another Watusi cow, but it was a Watusi crossed with something else. Then there is the--> longhorn bull. Another impressive set of horns. From what the owner told me, this longhorn bull is not very friendly. I don't have any desire whatsoever to find out if it is or not.

I would hope if I was ever in a predicament like that (would definitely have to be completely oblivious to my surroundings if that would happen) one would hope adrenaline kick in as I know would not be able to out run that lovely bovine. Beautiful animals to look at, but keeping my distance.

We did a drive about town today after finished errands and took some random pictures of just a few of the critters that we see or hear on a daily basis in this valley, along with taking photos of the Watusi and the Longhorn. I used a telephoto lens so didn't have to test out any running skills and was able to get pictures of the bovines from the comfort of our truck. All of the animals were quite cooperative and seemed to pose for the few moments while taking the photos. Love when that happens.
Just another beautiful spring day in this rural valley town in the Chautauqua Hills....

Small town America....wouldn't trade it for any place else ~Home is where the heart is~

"Take the back roads from time to time and enjoy the simple beauty of rural life"


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