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where you can see the twinkling stars at night,
the wonders of the moon,
and puffy white clouds floating across the blue sky.
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Diamonds N' Spurs
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August 27, 2016

Random ponderings happenings, bits and spurs....

Random ponderings, happenings, bits and spurs....
August 26, 2016
Photo Credits: ©SBDS2016 All Rights Reserved

We have so enjoyed seeing all the first day of school photos of all ages and reading updates on the little ones who are just beginning their school years. It brought back flood of memories. One memory was prompted by reading about the little sister who walks her sister to the school bus and so ready to welcome her back home at end of school day. Each day after I returned home from kindergarten,my sister would be waiting on me and we would head outside. With our arms wrapped around each others waist we would walk up and down the length of the clothesline until we caught up on what had been happening while we were apart. In first grade when I started learning to read, she would sit by my side as Mom or Dad helped me with reading lessons. She apparently had been listening closely as it was a surprise to everyone that she already was able to read when she began first grade. May those sisters walking to the bus together always be close...

Labor Day will soon be here and Cedar Vale will be buzzing with many activities and events. These are the happenings that we are aware of at this time: Clay Shoot, PRCA Rodeo, Dance featuring Whiskey River Band, Cowboy Church, Junior Ranch Rodeo(JRRA) Inflatables including a water inflatable. 5K Run, Movie Night, Historical Society having a Pie Sale on Monday at Herbs Cafe inside museum, Parade-Theme "United We Stand, street games and egg toss, hay bale toss, Horseshoe pitching, shodeo. For more details check out the Cedar Vale Labor Celebration Facebook page.

Rain showers the last few days have cooled things down a bit, but still very humid and still more than too warm for our liking. However, we are very grateful for the lower temperatures. Also, Kansas sunsets are the best anywhere. They are particularly beautiful when the build up of puffy cotton storm clouds create a canvas of artworks in the sky.

Went out to take some photos a week or so ago one morning and took several photos, then downloaded them to computer. Each photo came out as if it was a soupy, foggy day. Decided to try it again and realized that the humidity had not only caused my glasses to fog over, but apparently also the camera lens. That was a first. Guess coming from the a/c to outside was the culprit along with the humidity.

We first mentioned wondering what Royals had up their sleeve each game back in middle of July. We were still wondering for a couple of weeks after that, but now we see they are now on a great run. Those nail biter games are not our cup of tea. We will keep on cheering and supporting them no matter their plight, but hopefully those nail biter games will be few and far in between and for smooth sailing ahead for them. GO ROYALS!

We once again enjoyed the summer Olympics. One has much respect for the many, many talented athletes and the dedication, effort, practice and time they put into their sport. Also kudos to their families for their support and their coaches.

Two squirrels were having quite a fun time the other morning. Playing and scampering from one tree to another, up light pole, tightrope walking across cable lines. They leaped from a very low hanging branch to another and swinging as if on a swing. Seemingly oblivious to my walk in the yard until decided to take photos of them. They scurried to the top of the tree. Hopefully another day, will be able capture their antics.

Our beloved dog has such a time with the squirrels especially when they leap from the sycamore tree and land with a thud on top of the roof. She immediately starts barking and seems satisfied that we will take care of it if one us gets up to acknowledge her alertness, or she also likes to go out with us to assess the situation. It is always amazing to me that she seems to move so slow when want her to move over when get ready to go to bed, but is quick as lightning when she decides she is going after a cat, rabbit, or squirrel.

We have spoken of drifting off to sleep many times to the lullaby and rhythm of the cicadas and is a soothing sound. However, this month not sure why they seem to be just extremely noisy in the evenings. Add to their song, the tree frogs, the occasional hoot owl, and the howling of coyotes and we are treated to a symphony full of nature's nightfall music.

We hope many will plan to come celebrate Labor Day Weekend here in Cedar Vale. If you need a place to stay to fully enjoy the entire weekend, there are several options for lodging, as well as camping.

Time to wind down for this day. Until we meet up again on this dusty trail of life... Remember to--Live life slow, enjoy the simple pleasures, moments suspended in time, and take the dirt roads now and then.
~Home is where the heart is' 8/26/16 ©SBDS2016 All Rights Reserved

Quotes to ponder...
"Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts..." Oliver Wendell Holmes


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