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November 15, 2015

Shop local, you will be glad you did

Shop local, you will be glad you did
November 15, 2015

Things to ponder, ruminate upon...
We were having dinner in our small town restaurant and in the course of conversation the topic came up of shopping and using the business services available locally. As anyone who has been following our website, or posts on Facebook, many are well aware that we promote shopping locally first. Our dinner companions agreed and made a point to which we feel needs to be repeated. "For example if you have a town with population of 600 people and half of them decide to go shopping for all their needs in a nearby larger town, do you think the 300 people in that larger town are going to leave their town to come shop in your small town and make up for what you didn't purchase locally?"

Think about it. Ponder on it. Not only are you not supporting your town, your neighbor, but your tax dollars are spent supporting another town. Tax dollars that could benefit your town.

If this town is your home and you plan on living here long term by not supporting your local businesses, you are risking losing them.
You may not always be able to go to another town as you get older or if you become ill, or a multitude of other reasons. What will
You do then? There are many in smaller communities that they depend on the basic local services to be able to continue to live there.Towns survive and can grow with the basic needs and services available.

If a small town has a grocery store, a convenience store with gas/diesel, a pharmacy, schools, medical clinic, bank, churches, library, city hall, post office, police, fire, and EMT services, lodging, and so much more, how convenient and blessed they are to have these basics in a town with such a small population.

Ponder on this and when you need to shop, think locally first and then for needs not provided, then go to a larger town if it is necessary. One can also ask your local business owners if they can order something specific for you, they may be able to get it, maybe not, but in our experience most times they were able to get it for us. You won't know unless you ask.

Remember, you help your neighbors, your business owners to continue to provide these services, and also it benefits your town as a whole. Shop locally, you will be glad you did.

"God bless the small towns in America, where the more things change the more they stay the same which is comforting like your favorite teddy bear or doll you have had since you were a child."


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