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where you can see the twinkling stars at night,
the wonders of the moon,
and puffy white clouds floating across the blue sky.
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Diamonds N' Spurs
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July 31, 2016

The Tire Swing


The Tire Swing
Home is where the heart is'
7/31/16 ©SBDS2016 All Rights Reserved
Photo Credit: unknown
Memories were made on an old tire swing that my paternal grandparents hung up on a branch in a big old oak tree
It was a simpler time and place
A time when a child's heart was pure and gentle
The old tire swing was all we needed
To while away many hours
Childhood dreams were dreamed
Just children swinging on a tire swing
Parents and grandparents sittin' on the porch visiting and watching us play
Sometimes we would see how many the tire would hold
Top of tire would hold two
One would sit right below
Hanging on tight Dad gave us a big push towards the sky
We went higher and higher pretending we could fly
Then twisting the rope tight and suddenly letting go
Spinning, turning, twirling, swinging,
Our laughter filled the air
The breeze blowing through our hair
We took turns to swing alone
Bending at the knees then straightening legs out, up and away we would go
As we went higher and higher trying reach the tree branches with our toes
From up high we looked upon our siblings playing jacks, hopscotch or jumping rope
As they waited on their turn to try and reach the sky
We wondered if the frayed rope would ever break,
Magically, it somehow seemed to always be renewed before it broke
So we could spend many more afternoon hours on a old tire swing.
The tire swing is still swinging, can still hear the faint giggles of children playing
Another childhood memory is frozen in time~ 'Home is where the heart is' 7/31/16 ©SBDS2016 All Rights Reserved

"One is never to old to sit on a swing and dream, remembering childhood things.." ~SBDS~

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