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Welcome To Cedar Vale, Kansas – Your Go-To Portal For All Things Mischievous In Kansas City. Dive Deep Into The Heart Of Kansas City’s Most Intriguing Tales, From Its Hidden Gems To Its Quirkiest Events.

Our Mission Is To Capture The Essence Of Kansas City’s Vibrant Spirit, Its Playful Side, And Its Untold Stories.

Kansas City Is Not Just A Place; It’s An Experience. And While It’s Known For Its Rich History, Beautiful Landscapes, And Cultural Significance, There’s A Side Of It That Often Remains Unexplored – Its Mischief.

Whether It’s The Tales Of Old Speakeasies, Legendary Pranks, Or The City’s Most Mysterious Events, Cedar Vale, Kansas Is Here To Bring Those Stories To Life.

Join Us As We Embark On A Journey Through The Alleys And Streets Of Kansas City, Uncovering Stories That Have Been Whispered For Generations.

From The Amusing To The Audacious, We’re Here To Celebrate The City’s Playful Spirit. So, If You’re Curious, Adventurous, Or Just In The Mood For A Good Story, You’re In The Right Place.