2023’s Top Kansas City Airport Family-Friendly Facilities

If you are planning to travel to or from Kansas City, you might be wondering what to do at the airport with your kids.

The good news is that the new Kansas City International Airport terminal has a lot of family-friendly features that will make your trip more enjoyable and less stressful.

Here are some of the top highlights that you and your kids will love at the airport.

Flight Simulator

Do you have a child who is nervous about flying or curious about how it works? The Kansas City Air Travel Experience Room is a perfect place to visit before your flight.

This room provides a realistic simulation of the entire air travel process, from check-in to landing, in a calm and controlled environment.

You and your child can practice boarding a section of an actual Airbus 320 fuselage, with working overhead bins, seat belts, tray tables and lavatory.

You can also learn about the security screening, baggage handling and flight procedures from friendly staff.

This experience is designed to help travelers who are neurodivergent, anxious, claustrophobic, hearing or visually impaired, or new to flying. You need to make a reservation in advance to use this room.

Sensory Room

Another great feature for travelers who are neurodivergent or have sensory processing challenges is the Sensory Room. This room is located in Concourse B next to Auntie’s Anne’s pretzels, and it offers a quiet and soothing space to relax and recharge.

The room has different zones for different sensory needs, such as calm, tiered and tactile-based activities. There are also fidget chairs, cushioned areas and carpeted flooring for comfort. The room is open 24/7 for ticketed passengers, and no reservation is needed.

Variety KC Play Zone

If your kids need some physical activity and fun, head over to the Variety KC Play Zone in Concourse B near Gate B54.

This play area is designed for kids of all abilities to enjoy being a pilot, a flight crew or an air traffic controller. The play zone features kid-sized versions of a plane and a tower, with smooth surfaces, low platforms and transfer stations for wheelchair users and persons of reduced mobility.

The play zone is presented by Variety Children’s Charity of Greater Kansas City, which supports children with special needs. The play zone is open 24/7 for ticketed passengers, and no reservation is needed.

Restaurants You Recognize

When you get hungry, you don’t have to settle for bland or expensive airport food. The new terminal has a variety of local restaurants that you and your kids will recognize and love.

From Meat Mitch to City Market stalls to Martin City Brewing to Buffalo State Pizza Co., there are Kansas City favorites everywhere. And if you need a caffeine boost, you can find coffee from all your favorite KC roasters.

Refillable Water Stations

Don’t forget to stay hydrated during your travel. The new terminal has refillable water stations where you can fill up your water bottles for free.

No more trying to fill up your cups in the bathroom sink or buying overpriced bottled water.


Speaking of bathrooms, the new terminal has spacious and accessible restrooms that are designed with families in mind.

There are family restrooms that can accommodate multiple people, as well as changing tables and nursing rooms for parents with babies.

Nursing Rooms

If you need a private and comfortable place to nurse or pump, you can use one of the nursing rooms located throughout the terminal. These rooms are equipped with sinks, outlets, chairs, tables and locks for your convenience.


One of the most striking features of the new terminal is the artwork that showcases the culture and history of Kansas City. You can admire the colorful murals, sculptures and installations that reflect the themes of jazz, barbecue, sports and more.

Some of the artworks are interactive and educational, such as the Sound Wall that plays different sounds from KC when you touch it.


If you need to buy some souvenirs or essentials for your trip, you can browse through the various shops at the terminal.

You can find local products from Made in KC, Charlie Hustle, Boulevard Brewing Co., Christopher Elbow Chocolates and more. You can also find books, magazines, snacks, electronics and other items from national brands.

Free Wi-Fi

Last but not least, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal. Whether you need to check your email, stream a movie or play a game online, you can do it without paying any fees or signing up for anything. Just connect to the network “KCI Free WiFi” and enjoy.

These are some of the top family-friendly highlights at the Kansas City International Airport terminal. We hope you have a wonderful time at the airport and on your flight!

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